Company History

Dlondlobala Courier Services cc is a South African courier company registered in 2005 by Anthony Mdluli who worked for SAFCOR PANALPINA for 10 years, an opportunity come in 2007 when SAFCOR PANALPINA decided to outsource their mail room. Dlondlobala Courier Services cc is a 100% black owned company.

What the company does
We offer the full range of courier services at competitive prices: same day local delivery and collection, mail room management, overnight speedy delivery, early delivery, next day delivery, logistics and distribution solutions.

•Vision statement Our vision is to be the top rated courier service company to clients who requires: direct contact with management. We deliver on what we have promised with flexibility on the services we provide, but remaining focused on our business.
◦interactive service.
◦attention to details
•Mission statement Our mission is to provide professional and friendly service to all private and commercial clients.
•We provide flexibility, dedication and commitment to ensure that deliveries reach their destination in a timely and cost effective manner.
•Customers Focus We treat each customers as our only customers. We will make our customers look good and be the hero.
◦We will leave great references in our wake.
◦We seek to exceed customer expectations.
•Sense of Urgency
•We anticipate situations, knowing our customers are counting on us. We proactively review our policies for the benefit of our customers and our company.
•We deliver with commitment and with a sense of urgency each and every time.
•Team Environment We strive to attract, retain and develop individuals to meet our high standards in ability and fit our culture while promoting diversity. We make and communicate decisions consistent with our mission statement, vision, core values and strategy.
◦We exchange information on a timely basis regarding mutual job expectations and execution.
•Uncompromising Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. We are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the agreements in which we enter as well as laws, and ethical principles that govern us. Our objective is to provide all our customers with service that is:
•We take ownership for our actions, and take pride on our work, always looking for better ways to improve the Dlondlobala courier culture and service.
•SECURE: handle all customer parcels with great care and ensure that packaging is of high quality standard and thereby minimize damages and loss of parcels. Assist clients with packaging and provide packaging material as and when required. Ensure parcels are adequately packed and have legible delivery addresses.
•SPEEDY: response to customers request as speedily as possible and give customer feedback on queries. To ensure that parcels are also delivered as quick as possible according to service type. To ensure parcels are collected within one hour after the placement of collections. We need to respond to customer queries as speedily as possible.

To provide a reliable courier service by ensuring that parcels and documents are delivered on time every time and in the safest way possible. Ensure that parcels are collected and delivered according to service types as outlined in “Our Services”.

To ensure that our price matches the service we provide. To continuously research prevailing rates in the market place and thereby ensures that our rates are market related.

Business goals & objectives
We will achieve our goals and objectives through:
•The delivery of efficient and on services through our expanding of vehicles in South Africa.
•The management of strategic partnerships to fulfil international transportation services whilst maintaining the single point of contact accountability for delivering the services.
•The relentless search and sourcing the best quality services at the most competitive pricing structure to provide to our customers in the public and private sector in South Africa.
•Delivering of high quality and on time services that meet the customer’s expectation in terms of cost and quality.
•The organic acquisition of customers within our targeted markets through our internal workforce.

Proof of delivery (POD)
We will provide our clients with verbal proof of delivery as well as hard copies of proof of delivery within 24 hours.
Where required a daily report schedule confirming delivery will be dispatched to the clients by e-mail.

Our Policies
Total Quality Management (TQM) principles are applied to every aspect of our business and quality is the responsibility of everyone, in every activity, throughout the company. We are committed to the achievement of Total Quality by:
•Continuous review and improvement of our quality management system. The policy and quality objectives are published to all levels within the organization and aims are achieved through well-defined company procedures and work instructions
•QA Processes
Application of quality assurance processes across all services to continually monitor internal quality levels and gauge customer satisfaction so as to identify any non-conformance and develop root cause solutions to eliminate recurrence
The responsibility for the application of quality is with the Board of Directors with the support of every employee in the company, who through diligence and initiative can ensure the products and services delivered are to the highest standard.
•Defining Roles
Clearly defining and measuring everyone’s role within the customer satisfaction process, establishing clear accountability with measurable objectives
•Create relationships
Developing relationships with our suppliers that emphasize continuous improvement in product quality, service and support
•Motivating Employees
Motivating and encouraging all employees to take positive action to improve quality and develop an inclusive, team orientated culture

Service pledge

At Dlondlobala Courier Services we understand that you are entrusting us with one of your main business functions.
In return for that responsibility we offer you our 10 Point Pledge:

Never to hold you to any contracts in which you feel tied.
•To always represent your business to the highest professional standards and in the best possible light.
•To maintain our 100% same day delivery rate on your behalf.
•To not only fulfill your requirements but to add value to your business.
•To always invest in and use the latest technology so we can provide you with the most efficient service possible.
•To continually improve customer satisfaction by investing in ongoing training.
•To only employ drivers who are properly qualified to drive.
•To keep you in total control at all times by providing online tracking and a highly responsive customer service team and always rectify any issues on the same day.
•To make sure there is always a driver available when you need one.
•To never, ever let you or your business down.

Our service rates are competitively priced and primarily based on destination distances, mail volumes, package weight and size.

Management & Ownership


Anthony Mdluli
Managing Member
Office: +27 11 021-7865
Fax: +27 86 687 1153
Mobile: +27 72 680 9741
Email: anthonym@dlondlobala.co.za
Web: www.dlondlobala.co.za

Dlondlobala courier services is ready and willing to assist YOUR ORGANISATION to meet its objectives in line with courier and transportation requirements. We have the skills, expertise and logistical capability to deliver the services herein stated. It is with this strong belief that we await your favourable response.